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Powder Brow Fundamentals Training

2 Extensive Days Of Powder Brow Learning

Benefits of the Powder Brow Program:

Learn Powder Brows or shading as it's often called. You will learn Regular Powder & Ombre Powder

Two days of One on One fundamental hands on training. Get direct & focused training instead of taking large or small group classes where you can't get the help you need

Certificate Of Completion of Powder Brows Fundamental Training

Lifetime of continued support from experienced PMU Artist Cayla Joiner.

Work on a live model 

No experience needed!

Learn more than just the skill. You will come out of this training knowing exactly what steps you need to take to advance you in your new career. 

Full Kit & Machine Included! 

What Clients Say

"Cayla was a great instructor. She was very thorough and informative. I got a one on one training and tons of afterwards support. Definitely worth my money and highly recommend her." 

Course Break Down

DAY 1 


Review Bloodborne Pathogens + Health & Safety Information

Learn about permits, licensing & insurance information

The 4 Types of Brows; Learn the different brow types to better understand your new service

How to deal with high risk & problematic skin types. Students will learn about the potential risks and who is suitable for cosmetic tattooing

Eyebrow Mapping; Learn how to cater your shape to each clients face

The study of skin thickness; each part of the eyebrow area is made up of different skin thicknesses. Students will learn how thick and thin skin areas effects the overall healed results

All About Machines; Learn about machines, needles, accessories & more

PMU Movements; Learn the most common and favored movements for the best retention & healing

DAY 2 


The importance of understanding undertones & color theory. How to choose the right pigment for your client. 

Students will learn the importance of the proper hand placement and stretch for eyebrow tattooing.

Sanitation Demo & Breakdown

Cayla will assist the student with brow mapping and the Powder Brow procedure on the live model. Students can see first hand the entire procedure from start to finish.

Celebrate! You just added a new stream of income. Start Your Career Now! :)

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